Planned Restoration/Renovation

Future Plans

Improving the Church -

One day we may be able to add lavatory facilities; the lack of a church toilet is a distinct disadvantage - especially when people have come a long way to get here for baptisms, weddings or funerals.

Contents of the Church -

There are no plans currently to replace or add to the contents of the church.  But if things were to change, the Friends might consider helping out.  For example, there is a piano in the Lady Chapel used mainly for school assemblies.  It is near the end of its life and could be replaced. 

Maintaining and improving the churchyard -

A contractor is employed to cut grass and hedges etc and many people volunteer to work, weeding and hoeing the rose beds, weeding ground channels and clearing areas which are overgrown.  The memorial path, alongside which people's ashes are buried, will soon reach its end.  We have plans to create a new memorial path.