Restoration & Renovation

Restoration 2004

Villagers may remember that in 2004 there was an appeal to raise funds to repair the roof.  This was a considerable job, whose total cost was £110,00.  Fortunately we were successful in securing a grant from English Heritage of £66,000 towards this work, conditional upon our raising the other £44,000 locally.

People responded more than generously.  But not all the roof was repaired at this time and we're conscious that we may soon have to re-lay the roof over the chancel - at a likely cost of some £20,000.

The walls have been re-pointed in past years using cementatious rather than lime mortar, with the consequence of moisture being encouraged to find its way into the interior surfaces, producing staining and mould.  The worst areas on the West and East gables were remedied during the major works in 2004; however, it is now clear that this problem is more widespread that had been previously identified resulting in deterioration to adjacent stonework.