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Where will the money go?

None of the Friends' money will be spent upon conducting church services, mission work, or paying the Rector's expenses. None of it will go to the Diocese, or to anyother charities. 

Money raised by The Friends can be spent only on the maintenance and improvement of St. Giles Church, its contents and its churchyard.


Such buildings as the church require a great deal of looking after. Every five years there    is    a detailed inspection by an architect who carefully examines every part of the building. It is known as the 'quinquennial inspection'. Our next inspection will be next year, in 2012. We don't expect any particular large expenditure but often there are unexpected, unpleasant surprises. For example, some time in the next few years we are likely to have to re-shingle the church spire. Two years ago it was inspected by a firm of steeplejacks who then repaired it; they said it might last 9 or 10 years before needing a complete re-shingling and cost perhaps £30,000 to £40,000.